First of all, what are Data Centres?

Well, Data centres are where computing facilities and networking equipment are located and centralized. They are tasked to collect, store, process, and distribute large amounts of data. Data centres have also been around since the dawn of the modern computing age. They are also responsible for data backup and recovery, as well as networking. These centres also host websites and instant messaging services. They support cloud storage applications and e-commerce transactions.

Here at Black Beard Hosting, we have Data Centres in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Eastern Europe, and Finland. Your website’s loading speed is directly dependent on the position of the Datacenter. Therefore, we are happy to deliver a range of Top Tier Datacenters all across the globe, to help you choose the one that’s closest to your target visitors.

Almost every modern business needs its own Data Centre.

Some of the benefits of using Data Centres are:

  • Numerous cost benefits and time gained for core activities
  • A valuable option for companies to access cutting-edge tools and technology such as blade servers, Flywheel UPS systems, etc.
  • Adaptability to varying business situations and improved flexibility to choose specific data centre related metrics.

We offer you several Datacenters to select from:

  • The Data Center in the USA in Chicago – pick this if you focus more on the visitors in the USACanada and Latin America;
  • The Data Center in the United Kingdom in London – pick this if you focus more on the site visitors from Great Britain, the rest of Europe and Africa;
  • The Data Center in Finland in Pori – our Finnish Data Center is the right choice in order to engage audiences in Northern and Central Europe or maybe in Russia.
  • The Data Center in Eastern Europe in SofiaBulgaria – consider this if you’ll focus on-site visitors from Eastern Europe, in countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Armenia, etc.
  • The Data Center in Australia in Sydney – consider it if you’ll target website visitors who are in AustraliaOceania and Asia.

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