If you’ve changed web hosting providers, you no doubt know that this process can be rather frustrating. Here, at Black Beard Hosting, we will save you all the hassle – we’ll carry out the hard task and will transfer all your files, MySQL databases and emails to your new hosting account.

The website migration service provided by Black Beard Hosting is totally FREE of cost and consists of transferring all your web files, databases and emails from your present web hosting provider to your new hosting account with us. We will also modify all the configuration settings needed for your websites to be fully functional on our advanced cloud hosting platform. Our technicians are fully capable of moving just about any web site. With years of experience in this field, they’re experts in the specificities of our web hosting platform, our Control Panel as well as all other commonly used Control Panels. For them, moving a custom–made web application with numerous custom libraries is as easy as transferring a plain WordPress–based weblog.

We try to carry out all website migrations as quickly as possible. However, we don’t have a fixed time frame for web site migrations. There are different aspects that you need to consider – the mere size of your site and the workload of our website migration team, etc. We constantly try to accomplish each migration within 48 hours. With smaller websites, our team usually manages to finish in under 24 hours.

We don’t collect any private info. We’ll need, though, the login information for your present hosting account and the name of the web site that you want to migrate.

User privacy is indeed one of our fundamental responsibilities – this is why, both our payment page and our Control Panel login page are secured with enterprise-class SSLs. We use security measures, which include, but are not limited to: physical, electronic and administrative methods to secure the information that we accumulate on the World Wide Web. And we also have a detailed and rigid Privacy Policy, which describes the types of information that we collect.

While we transfer your web site, it will be available both in your web hosting account with us and in your account with your old web hosting provider. When the migration is finished, we’ll ensure that everything is working correctly and that the integrity of your data is not compromised before informing you that the transfer is completed. Then we’ll instruct you how to move the domain name over to your web hosting account with us and how to edit the DNS records.

While we transfer your web content, your web hosting provider will not be aware of the migration at all. We will not get in touch with them in any way.

We can migrate your website from any hosting provider or any Linux–powered web hosting platform given that we can access the Control Panel and there is File Transfer Protocol access available.