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The best package to start out your online presence within a strict budget. Start your small–scale webshop, portfolio webpage, family photo gallery or individual blog straight away when using the 1–click Web Apps Installer. A free domain name is included as well. And so is a point & click Control Panel.

True Top Of The Line Hardware

24-Core Servers - Hardware For Shared Web Hosting

The shared web hosting accounts that we provide are generated on powerful servers that will guarantee the best performance of your web apps at all times.

Each part of the service will be handled by an individual cluster of servers and every single machine inside a cluster is equipped with powerful 24-core enterprise-class processors plus 64 GB RAM, so you can run resource-demanding scripts without having to worry that your plan won't be able to deal with the load.

Our machines are redundant, which allows us to guarantee that you will not see any downtime of your sites. The combination of powerful hardware and a cloud setup also means that the resources you can use will be practically infinite as opposed to most companies, we are not restricted by the hardware of a single machine which can provide a limited amount of power.

In addition, all servers that we use include SSD drives which will boost the speed and performance of your sites even more.

A double protected cloud hosting system

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

By keeping applications, email messages and databases on a couple of physical machines instead of a single one, we’ve guaranteed an infinitely more secure hosting environment for your sites and web apps.

Additionally, we’ve reduced the servers’ susceptibility to hacker/denial–of–service assaults that can take the entire physical machine down on an everyday shared hosting platform.

A safe web app firewall program


Safeguard your web apps (WordPress, Joomla™, PrestaShop, etc.) against hack attacks using ModSecurity. ModSecurity is a firewall software intended to safeguard web applications against hack assaults.

We have configured the firewall software in such a way as to intercept all common site assaults instantly. By default, ModSecurity is activated for all domain names, but you may easily disable it for any web site that you want.

Shared web hosting plans on three different continents

Multiple Data Centers

Our shared web hosting network spreads across three continents – America (the Steadfast data center facility in Chicago, Illinois, US), Europe (the Pulsant datacenter facility in Maidenhead, UK, the Ficolo underground data center in Pori, Finland and the Telepoint data center in Sofia, Bulgaria) and Australia (the Amaze data center in Sydney).

This means that, irrespective of where you are actually located, you’ll be able to choose a data center facility that’s closest to your target web site visitors. Doing so, you’ll warrant the quickest tenable website loading speeds for all of them. You can choose your data center facility with a click on the order page.

A cloud hosting service that grows along with your web site’s requirements

Service Scalability

Our custom-built shared web hosting platform allows all your websites to expand as much as you’d like. Scalability is guaranteed since all services are handled by several machines instead of just a single one.

Therefore, you will be able to use as many of the allotted web hosting resources as you’d like and will never be affected by server excessive load troubles or sluggish routine maintenance tasks.

Additionally, you will be able to upgrade your hosting plan with additional services or move to a more advanced hosting package if you need to.

website creator
Start your web sites with a simple click of the mouse

Website Installer

Publishing your website is as easy as falling off a log with this swift, single–click Website Installer. No configuration is required, zero website design skills are needed at all. All you have to do is to pick the type of web site you would like – business or personal, plus a website theme of your liking.

After that press, the Install button and your new web site will be brought online in an instant. You will find the Website Installer in the Black Beard Hosting Web Control Panel.

Over hundreds of completely free blog/CMS themes to pick out from

Free Templates

In the hosting Control Panel, you will find a collection of free–of–cost web page themes for your WordPress online journal or Joomla™ site. All you need to do is browse through the web design skins, pick the one that suits you then download it on your PC with just a mouse click.

If you make use of the 1–click Apps Installer tool to set up Joomla™ or WordPress, you will see the web page templates listed in the final step of the installation wizard.

Contact us 24x7

24x7 Support

You can get in touch with us 24–7 with any questions that you may have regarding our shared web hosting services. You can reach us via email and via the ticket platform and we will reply to you within maximum of 1 hour. In fact, our average response time is less than 20 mins. What’s more, you can call us up or use the live chat service during work hours.

True Top Tier

True Cloud Platform

At Black Beard Hosting, we take pride in utilizing a true shared web hosting platform – each service is dealt with by an autonomous machine, which means that all your web sites will invariably open fast even if the system is overloaded. This cloud hosting platform was entirely developed by us with balance and scalability in mind and is backed up by a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

A fast installation of personal blogs, photo albums, etc.

Web App Installer

Using the one-click Apps Installer tool incorporated into your Web Control Panel, you can publish your own personal full-fledged site online in a matter of seconds. With just a click, your online journal, message board, online photo album or web store will be created and will be ready to be used.

Choose your app, fill in some details associated with the brand new site and click the Install button. We will handle everything else on your behalf! Over 40 apps are present for you to choose from.

Lost your site content? Do turn to our data backup solution

Data Backups

When posted on the web, your website content is generally vulnerable to hack assaults. It can be affected even by your own personal unintentional actions. Select us and, there is nothing to worry about since we always maintain a backup copy of your site content, which will be recovered anytime.

Additionally, you will be able to make manual backups of your whole site with one click through the File Manager, which is incorporated into the Web Control Panel. Our system will successfully restore all files and will store them in a ZIP file, which will be kept in your account

site speed
Better search engine rankings for your websites

Site Accelerators

In our Web Control Panel, you will find a selection of tools aimed at making your website perform better and load faster – our Site Accelerators. By using Varnish, Node.js, and Memcached, you can boost the loading speed of your web site by tenfold, without investing too much of your energy in fine-tuning your code.

And with your website loading faster than ever before, you’ll not simply enhance the browsing experience of your web site visitors, you will also get a higher search engine ranking.

Save cash on a web designer – set up your own web site with a simple click of the mouse

Website Builder

Save cash on money–consuming web design services – we provide you with all the tools you need to complete the task yourself. Using the very handy Complimentary Web Site Building Application, you can publish an entire website with one click using one of the offered pre-defined site templates. Then you may add your custom content.

We offer over 100 web page skins for both personal and business websites with different colour combinations.

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email manager2
Manage your e–mailboxes with a click of the mouse

Email Manager

Using the point–and–click E Mail Account Manager integrated into the Web Control Panel, you’ll be able to attain complete control over your mailbox accounts. Configure new email box accounts with a simple click of the mouse and manage all their settings from one location.

You’ll be able to redirect electronic mail messages to a different e-mailbox, set up custom email filters, activate unsolicited bulk email & Sender Policy Framework protection, set up custom autoresponder messages and much more. You will be able to also manage mailing list campaigns.

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