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Tall Package

Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Monthly Traffic
Unlimited Hosted Domain(s)
1 CPU Core(s) (100%)*
Unlimited MySQL Storage
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
1 IP Address


VPN Access (5 GB)
App Installer
Website Installer
Website Builder
Website Themes
Advanced Tools
Marketing Tools
Shared SSL IPs

Our Advantages

Genuine Cloud Architecture
ZFS Cloud Storage & Mail
Fast SSD Drives
Daily Data Backups
Dropbox Backups
24/7 Technical Support
Website Accelerators
WHOIS Privacy


24-core servers w/ 64gb RAM
No Overselling
ZFS Storage, Mail, MySQL
SSDs w/ Data Caching
No Data Corruption
Data Compression
Multiple Data Centers
Assisted Website Transfer


The web server resources your busy websites require – at a cost to suit your budget. A convenient Control Panel is included that will help you be in charge of your server the way you have managed your standard website hosting account to date. Employ up to 1 CPU core. Have unrestricted domains. True power!

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Safety–increased Linux–based servers

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

Our servers are based on a security–improved Linux release, which makes them more than secure and stable. We have put in lots of hours and hard work in constructing a protected system that has the full potential resist large hacking or DDoS attacks without bringing about interruptions to the web hosting system and damaging your site’s functioning.

More power for your web apps and websites

Increased CPU quotas

A semi-dedicated server has been designed to supply you with a lot more assets than a shared hosting account, yet in precisely the same convenient-to-use package with no server administration included. Also, since on a semi-dedicated server you’ll find much less users than on a common hosting server, this suggests not simply far more assets for your sites but also improved security for your online presence.

Black Beard Hosting’s semi-dedicated servers include enhanced CPU usage allocations, rendering them an outstanding selection for your resource-hungry sites and web apps.

semi dedicated
Host dynamic MySQL tables without difficulty

Increased MySQL queries

If your shared hosting account cannot cope with the CPU and MySQL load of your web site, transferring to a Linux semi-dedicated hosting package may be the most suitable choice for you. You will get much larger CPU consumption and MySQL queries allocations for your sites to avail of.

In addition, with more MySQL queries at hand, you may have considerably more consumers utilizing your apps or database-powered web sites all at once.

Website management made elementary and hassle–free

Web Hosting Control Panel

Our point’n’click Applications Installer makes easier website administration and sets it close at hand. You are able to load information with quick drag–and–drop activity, control all the functions of your domains and websites from a single place, register and move a number of domains, create and control numerous email addresses, kickstart subscriber list activities, set up MySQL databases, obtain SSL Certificates to secure all of your clients, and much more. Thorough statistics will update you on all visits and activities on your sites.

Your webpage will be faster with solid–state drives

SSD Drives

All new desktop machines and mobile computing devices are equipped with SSDs and for a reason. Solid-state drives to deliver speedier reading/writing connections, making everything significantly speedier. Exactly the same will be applied to your web site if you host it with us. All our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages are equipped with SSDs and the Internet sites managed with us function quicker than those working on standard hard disk drives.

And the good thing is that you won’t really need to change or tune anything by any means so as to make it perform speedier.

Ask us everything. We are here for you 24x7x365.

24x7 Support

Patiently waiting for hours to receive a reply from the help support crew can be quite annoying, irrespective of how unimportant the issue is. For this reason, right here, at Black Beard Web Hosting, we present a 1 hour result time period warranty, and our consultants generally answer within 20 minutes through the ticketing system built–into the Applications Installer. They’re readily available for you round–the–clock.

Get the very best performance data transfer rates for your sites

Faster Performance

Ultra-fast functioning is considered one of the key rewards of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages. We have managed to increase the networking bandwidth to ten Gigabits for greater connectivity and a lot quicker site loading data transfer speeds, to present spare servers that simplify server upkeep actions and lessen service interruptions and outages, and to migrate customer profiles to SSDs, which offer much faster information execution speeds and greater stability than regular hard drives.

Need For Speed

Web Accelerators

In the Black Beard Web Hosting Control Panel, you will find a pair of web accelerator applications geared towards quickening your dynamic, database-driven webpages. By storing in cache files, these programs greatly reduce the volume of occasions a database is queried and subsequently lessen the server load.

This will certainly help your web sites open up much faster and will limit the bounce numbers. You can easily choose between three web accelerator programs – Memcached, Node.js and Varnish.

A fast installation of personal blogs, photo albums, etc.

Web App Installer

Using the one-click Apps Installer tool incorporated into your Web Control Panel, you can publish your own personal full-fledged site online in a matter of seconds. With just a click, your online journal, message board, online photo album or web store will be created and will be ready to be used.

Choose your app, fill in some details associated with the brand new site and click the Install button. We will handle everything else on your behalf! Over 40 apps are present for you to choose from.

Lost your site content? Do turn to our data backup solution

Data Backups

When posted on the web, your website content is generally vulnerable to hack assaults. It can be affected even by your own personal unintentional actions. Select us and, there is nothing to worry about since we always maintain a backup copy of your site content, which will be recovered anytime.

Additionally, you will be able to make manual backups of your whole site with one click through the File Manager, which is incorporated into the Web Control Panel. Our system will successfully restore all files and will store them in a ZIP file, which will be kept in your account

Save cash on a web designer – set up your own web site with a simple click of the mouse

Website Builder

Save cash on money–consuming web design services – we provide you with all the tools you need to complete the task yourself. Using the very handy Complimentary Web Site Building Application, you can publish an entire website with one click using one of the offered pre-defined site templates. Then you may add your custom content.

We offer over 100 web page skins for both personal and business websites with different colour combinations.

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Manage your e–mailboxes with a click of the mouse

Email Manager

Using the point–and–click E Mail Account Manager integrated into the Web Control Panel, you’ll be able to attain complete control over your mailbox accounts. Configure new email box accounts with a simple click of the mouse and manage all their settings from one location.

You’ll be able to redirect electronic mail messages to a different e-mailbox, set up custom email filters, activate unsolicited bulk email & Sender Policy Framework protection, set up custom autoresponder messages and much more. You will be able to also manage mailing list campaigns.

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